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This is a mutual interview. We want to assure that we're right for you and your project is right for us. In addition we will discuss:

  • Your ideas and desires
  • The project budget
  • Possible designs
  • Basic material desires
  • Potential scheduling
  • The SCA and fees

Whether we develop a design for you or you bring a design to us, getting a set of working drawings is the next step in the process.

SCA: Specifications and Cost Analysis. Once we have a finalized drawing we will meet to discuss material and selections that you would like included in your proposal. We will also collect a small deposit at this time for the SCA.

This is normally a two to three week process. During this time we meet with our sub contractors and suppliers and begin putting your bid together.

This is where we would meet and go through the SCA in detail. Final pricing, schedule, and materials are all discussed. If everything looks good we move directly to step 6. If not we make necessary changes and meet again to discuss once the revisions are made.

This is the final step in the process. Once the contracts are signed we begin pulling permits and begin construction on your home.

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