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Chris Chris Stroobosscher
Designer & Green Building Coordinator
Chris is a graduate of Calvin College and became a partner of Solomon Homes in 2007. Chris works directly with our clients in the design process and creates all of our construction drawings including 3d elevations and interior details. With over 20 years of construction experience Chris has the unique ability to be able to design homes that not only look good on paper but are efficient to build. Chris is experienced in LEED, Green Building, and Universal design.

Kirk Butler
Lead Foreman
Kirk is our lead foreman and works closely with our clients throughout the construction process. Kirk also handles our punch list items to ensure that our clients are taken care of well beyond the completion of their home.

MandyMandy DeVries
Office Manager
Mandy is a graduate of Calvin College and joined the team in 2009. Mandy handles our day to day office needs, as well as our advertising and marketing.

JarenJaren Nash
Interior Designer
Jaren is a graduate of Cornerstone University and has been with Solomon Homes since 2000. Jaren works closely with our clients from the early stages of design through the very end of the project, often developing lasting friendships. In addition to working with our clients Jaren also owns her own interior design company called Green Apple Design where she works with homeowners throughout our community and has recently contracted with clients in Chicago.

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